Wedding Package

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Are you looking for an Affordable yet elegant catering for your parties?  Please check our menu & price...

Lunch & Dinner Buffet
SET A - P 185 /  Head
Crispy pinsec w/ crutons
   Beef caldereta w/ green olives  
Chicken satay
Buttered mix vegetable
Baked mac
Chocolate fudge
Ice tea| SET B - P 185 / Head 
Fried dumplings
Beef Korean spareribs w/ mongo sprout
Anjelo’s chicken w/ esp’l gravy
Chopsuey w/ quail egg
Pandan rice
Buko pandan salad
Fruit punch w/ apple slice|
SET C - P 230 / Head
Roasted bed beef w/ mushroom sauce
Pineapple pork w/ lemon
Calamares fritos
Stir fried veggies
Macaroni salad
Garlic rice
Asstd. pastries & cakes
Pineapple orange juice| SET D - P 230 / Head
Beef w/ oyster sauce & broccoli
Wibos con carne
Baked mussels
Chinese lumpia veg.
Russian potato salad
Pandan rice
Asstd. pastries & cakes
Ice lemon tea |

P 220 / Head
Pandan rice
Spring rolls
Beef Korean w/ sesame seeds
Fish fillet w/ lemon sauce / butter
Chicken satay
Chinese sotanghon guisado
 Leche flan
Ice tea / juice| SET BSteam Rice
Crispy pinsec
Beef Stroganoff
Stuffed chicken wings
Sweet pork thai
Stir fried mix vegetable
Asstd. Native delicasies 
Ice tea / juice|
Baked mussel
Anjelo's  chicken w/ special gravy
Beef caldereta w/ green olives
Lechon kawali
Chinese lumpia vegetable
Macaroni salad
Ice tea / Juice| SET   DRice
Asstd. Nuts
Seafood bollabaise
Wibos con carne w/ mushroom
Pork asado w/ egg
Canton guisado
Buko salad
Ice tea / Juice|

Choices of Beverage: Fruit punch, Ice Tea, Ice lemon tea, Four season, Buko pandan juice, Orange   juice, Dalandan juice , Softdrinks, Black jelly w/ sago & gulaman Native Delicasies: Cassava bibingka, biko, maja mais or ube, puto, pichi-pichi, leche flan

Php 260 / Pax| WEDDING PACKAGE 2
Php 300/ Pax|
( Plus 10% Service Charge)
( Minimum of 100 Pax)
Appetizer: Crispy pinsec w/ crutons

Main Entrée: ( A choice of one viand per course )
Chinese sotanghon guisado 
Baked macaroni

Beef korean w/ sesame seeds
Beef morcon w/ special sauce

Roast pork w/ cashew nuts 
Callos ala madrillena

Chicken galantine 
Anjelo’s chicken w/ mushroom

Steamed pandan rice 

Soup : Cream of  asparagus soup 
Cream of mushroom soup

Dessert : ( Choice of  two)
Buko pandan salad /Asstd. pastries & cakes 
Leche flan / Fruit platter

Drinks : Ice lemon tea / Fruit punch w/ apple slice (Bottomless) Mineral water

150 GUESTS       | Menu
( Plus 10% Service Charge)
Appetizer : Crispy spinach w/ tartare sauce
Salad : Garden Salad w/ thousand island dressing

Main Entrée : ( A choice of one viand per course )
Baked Spaghetti 
Baked lasagna / Carbonara

Roasted beef w/ mushroom sauce 
Beef stroganoff

Pineapple pork w/ lemon sauce 
Pork estofado

Chicken pastel 
Grilled chicken w/ peanut sauce /Honeyed chicken

Fish fillet  w/ lemon or tartar sauce 
Grilled tangigue

Buttered mix veg. 
Stir-fried veg. in oyster sauce

Steamed Rice

Soup: Crab and corn soup / Nido soup

Dessert : ( Choice of two )
Tropical fruit salad / Buko pandan w/ lychees
Asstd. native delicacies

Drinks : Four seasoned juice / Ice tea / Buko pandan juice/ Softdrinks


Php 400 / Pax|
(Plus 10% Service Charge)
Appetizer : Baked  mussel w/ cheese & garlic
Calamares fritos
Salad : Russian potato salad / Chicken macaroni salad

Main Entrée: ( Choice of one viand per course)
Seafood spaghetti / Baked tricolor pasta
Shrimp tetrazzini

Beef Salisbury 
Spanish beef caldereta w/ green olives

Pork asado w/ egg
Lechon paksiw / Sweet pork thai

Chicken Teriyaki / Orange soy sauce  chicken

Grilled blue marlin / Mix seafoods

Lohon chay vegetables 
Lumpiang ubod w/ egg wrapper

Soup : Meat dumpling soup /...
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