Wedding and Banquet Room

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I am the event coordinator of a destination wedding. A destination wedding is defined as a wedding celebration in an exotic or resort location. This will be a three day trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas and will be planning from now until wedding day. The day of the wedding will be December 14, 2013. The couple chose Paradise Island, Bahamas because they both have heard how beautiful, and always wanted to vacation down there. The couple is original from Brooklyn New York but reside in the Washington DC area. The couple would like to be in a warm climate with one hundred of their closet family and friends. Within the one hundred group of people, the wedding party with consist of the bride and groom, the best man and maid of honor, the flower girl, ring bearer, four groomsman and four bridesmaids. The bride’s name is Adrianna Jacobs and the groom’s name is Antonio Johnson. The couple met their freshman year in college and have been together ever since. Adrianna and Antonio were both basketball stars at Brooklyn College. Antonio told me it was love at first sight and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Adrianna. Both graduated with honors and wanted to be successful. Adrianna studied Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership and Human Resource Management and Antonio studied Public Accounting and Business with a concentration in Management and Finance. The day of graduation, after the ceremony was over and both families took the graduates out to eat, Antonio decided that it was the best to confess his love to Adrianna and propose to her in front of the friends and family and of course she said yes. The three of us started the planning of the event started by talking to the couple about site selection and wedding colors.


The bride’s parents want to put $50,000.00 and the groom’s parents are putting $50,000.00 towards the wedding. Adrianna and Antonio have decided to use part of their savings to make this wedding memorable too. They will be putting an additional $25,000.00 towards the wedding. The total budget for the wedding is $125,000.00. As a little girl, you tend to dream about how your wedding day would or could be. One of the main goals is to find happiness and be happy. It is the goal of the bride, that all planning is as easygoing and as simple as possible. To stay within budget, but still wanting all that has been discussed in pre planning. Between both the bride and groom’s parents, their goals at stakeholders are to make sure the event planner is doing what has been discussed, monies have been paid, contracts have been signed with no surprises and constant communication is being shared between both sets of parents along with the bride and groom. As stakeholders, although both set of parents have the ultimate say so due to fronting most of the funds, but the bride and groom are putting money towards their wedding as well. They are just happy that they have the support of their parents and their vision will become a reality soon.

Event Theme
Adrianna’s favorite movie as a young child was Disney’s Little Mermaid. She wanted to incorporate the theme of the movie into her wedding. Growing up, Adrianna thought she had everything, great parents, a place to lay her head, she’s daddy’s little girl so anything she wanted she got. As in the movie Ariel met Eric who turns out to be a prince. Ariel fell in love the first time she saw Eric, Adrianna fell in love the first time she say Antonio. The event theme will be based off the movie, with the colors of turquoise and coral with the setting of the wedding on the beach and the reception in a banquet room overlooking the nice, blue, crisp Atlantic Ocean.

Location Analysis
The couple has decided to go to Paradise Island, Bahamas for their wedding. They decided to settle with the Sheraton for the hotel accommodations for all family and...
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