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Background and Statement of Need

McBride Financial is a startup lending company that plans on serving the regional area of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The organization offers credit reports, mortgages, inspections, and appraisal services for a fixed rate of $1,500. McBride’s business plan involves utilizing limited personnel with the focus on technology to expand the organization’s reach through online loan applications and financial education, whether from the client’s home or in-office kiosk (Apollo Group, Inc., 2003). McBride Financial currently operates a website, but it was simply created as a learning platform. The organization is now further along in development and according to the service request SR-mf-001 McBride Financial has honed the “concept of how McBride Financial Services will position itself in the market and how it will run its operations” (University of Phoenix, 2007). The organization now has doubts about the performance of the current website and wants a proposal for a performance orientated website that focuses on the client’s needs for McBride Financial services and financial education. Statement of Work

The project will meet the following website needs (University of Phoenix, 2007): 1. Web site effectively educates and sells services to customers 2. Web site is used for communication

3. Web site enhances customer service.
4. Web site protects against Internet security issues. 5. Web site links to partnering businesses
6. Web site is used to generate revenue.
The benefits the organization would like to see include: Exceptional service and consistent performance with a limited staff, robust financial education feature to encourage clients to make well educated decisions, increased revenue, and a web site that offers an inviting and professional experience as the marketing plan involves sending potential customers to the website first. Project Objectives

Product –Orientated Processes:

1. Review alternatives and determine the best platform for the website. 2. Consult SME on legal and financial issues regarding loan applications. 3. Consult SME on information necessary to establish the financial education portion. 4. Identify security risks and legal compliance regarding security. Project Management Process:

1. Initiating
Develop a business case that reviews multiple viable solutions and submit for approval. 2. Planning
Develop the project charter and project plan.
3. Executing
Execute the project plan utilizing the product-orientated processes.
4. Controlling
The scope of the project will be clearly established at the beginning of the project. However, communication will remain constant between McBride Financial and the Project Manager, and all requests for changes shall be submitted through a request form. The changes will be reviewed and the results will then be communicated to McBride Financial. No changes will be made unless officially submitted, reviewed, and approved by both parties with additional cost and time clearly established.

5. Closure
Once the project has met or exceeded McBride Financial’s requirements, the project is completed. Steps to ensure the projects meets the organization’s MOV will begin, and anything not of value will be eliminated. Documentation will be completed as further development will be needed as laws and security issues change. Budget and Timeframe

The budget and timeframe are non-negotiable. McBride Financial is offering a $200,000 budget that comes with the requirement that the project will be completed in six months. A contract will be written between McBride Financial and Smith Systems Consulting to ensure that both parties follow the agreed upon terms. The contract will also specify the early termination fees that either party will face...

References: Apollo Group, Inc.. (2003). McBride Financial Services intranet. Retrieved September 16, 2008, from Apollo Group, Inc., Week Two,  CMGT/410 -- Project Planning and Implementation Web site.
University of Phoenix. (2007). Service request SR-mf-001 website design for McBride Financial. Retrieved September 16, 2008, from University of Phoenix, Week Two,  CMGT/410 -- Project Planning and Implementation Web site.
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