Website Credibility Paper

Topics: Critical thinking, Sales, EBay, Reliability, Post, Belief / Pages: 3 (593 words) / Published: Apr 30th, 2013
Website Credibility Best buy is a very credible website. It is a well known retail store and has all the information to contacting any store or even corporate so you know who the author of the site is and that they have knowledge of the items that are sold which is facts not opinions. The information is not biased. It strictly states facts of the products they sell. The information is from an established organization and the information originate from the makers of the products. The website is reliable because it is trust worthy as having many years of being a well known company and is a sponsored website with the intent to inform about the products that they sell from cheap to very expensive. All the information is current and is updated weekly with new sales ad and there are new products posted every month on the website. What is also nice is you can see reviews of the product form people that have used it so you can use their opinions to help with your decision on what to buy.
The website is visually stunning. There are working videos informing about products and also informing about new information like windows 8 for instance. The website is easy to navigate to find what you want from either searching for a specific item or to view by categories from the top bar on the site. You can even narrow down your search to brand, price, processor, ect. I wouldn’t change anything about the site it is very effective and very useful for finding products easily and to get reliable information about the products.
Craigslist is not a credible website. Anyone can post any information that they want and you really have no clue who they really are and if they have even have made credible post before. You can find a lot of fake and scam posts. The information that is given is biased towards whatever the person is selling or a posting for a job. Whatever the person post may have some fact in it but most of the time

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