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Wikipedia is a well-known website to many internet surfers. The word “wiki,” is defined by as a “site that can be modified or contributed to by users.” With that in mind, there has been great debate over Wikipedia and the information provided on this website regarding its accuracy. Even with knowledge of this debate, internet surfers still continuously use for all the knowledge that this website has to offer. As far as comparison on another encyclopedia website, Wikipedia is on top compared to, another website used for information search. There are many websites all over the internet that offer numerous amounts of information, but when it comes down to it, offers the greatest deal of information for all searchers. is a web-based, free encyclopedia website where its information is mainly written by volunteers since its creation in 2001. It was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, and was a slowly started project in 2000 called “Nupedia,” before being released in 2001as it is known as today, Britannica is currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. They claim to be, “one of the world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable - from the origins of the universe to current events and everything in between” ( Britannica started off as an 18th century encyclopedia that advanced grew with technology and created a website for searchers that launched in 2002.

When first visiting these website’s homepages, both have their own style which includes either simple or complex. First, when visiting, the homepage is a simple white and black page that has a simple search bar and also offers a multitude of languages to search in. The other encyclopedia website,, their homepage has a soft blue tone to it but is very cluttered with a lot of advertisement. When comparing the...

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