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“The web was going to be the great educator, but the cult of the amateur is now devaluing knowledge,” says net entrepreneur Andrew Keen in his book The Cult of the Amateur. Would you agree or disagree with this statement? Is the Internet killing our ability to think critically by providing us with too much information and too many voices?

Our ability to think critically directly relates to how we use our brains in our everyday lives. So many people use the internet for emailing, business contact, or social media, but very few actually use it as a database for information. Everything is thrown in our faces, and so easily available that we don’t see the importance in using the internet for anything else. The aspect I disagree in is that it is only the cult of the amateur, which I’m guessing refers to the young in the present day. These are not the only people that use the internet for entertainment purposes. Someone before them has created these websites that are geared towards entertainment, which may be providing them a living, but is devaluing the potential of the internet. Simply blaming the amateur youth for using these sites is not fair, but in most cases it is the older, experienced, and professionals who are using the web to their advantage by creating sites that will draw these amateurs in. As a result, we have these professionals that are well experienced in the web and all its aspects, but the amateur is not given this capability to grow because the are handicapped by the creators. I believe everyone has contributed somehow to what the web has become as of today.

The web is a place where anyone can access anything at any given time. There is access to things we may have never heard of before the internet, but now everyone knows about everything. The less important yet amusing things of the internet provide an entertaining distraction from the things we can actually acquire knowledge with. Because of websites like Facebook,...
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