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Research Assignment
Interprofessional Ethics and Communication: Section 2
Conestoga College
Alecia Nanuti
February 6, 2011
Professor: Nancy Shaw

Research Assignment
One of the roles of a health care provider, including a nurse, is to read and analyze research to continuously improve health care or professional practice (Davies & Logan, 2012, p. 43). The research article entitled “A National Online Forum on Ethnic Differences in Cancer Pain Experience” by Im,E.O., Lee, H.S., Liu, Y., Lim, H.J., Guevara.E., & Chee. W. (2009), explores cultural values and beliefs in relation to cancer pain experience. In a nursing role, it is fundamental to assess a client’s pain. When assessing pain, there are many factors to consider which sometimes hinders the nurse’s perception of pain. Having an understanding of your client and the factors that may affect this individual’s experience is important for a thorough pain assessment; “Therefore, nurses need to assess all factors affecting the pain experience, including physiological, psychological, behavioural, emotional and sociocultural factors” (Kozier et al. 2010. p. 988). According to the Canadian Pain Society (2005), it has been reported for decades that pain management in Canada is inadequate (p.4). Pain management is important when providing care for a client and may affect the client holistically if not handled appropriately. Culture is especially important to consider when a nurse is assessing a client’s pain experience. There are many factors that represent culture that need to be identified to gain knowledge and ultimately make a judgment to provide safe and ethical care. When considering a client’s cultural background, the Practical Nurse needs to be aware of barriers that may effect communication, cultural values and beliefs, and be able to identify individuality. It is a client’s right to have the best pain relief possible and it is a nurse’s obligation to recognize this right and implement care accordingly.

Overview of The Purpose and Findings of the Study
The purpose of the article, “A National Online Forum on Ethnic Differences in Cancer Pain Experience” Im et al (2009), is to relate similarities and differences in cancer pain experience amid four major ethnic groups in the United States (p.1). The findings of this study indicated similarities and differences among all four major ethnic groups that directly affected the cancer pain experience. The first similarity noted is that all groups experienced communication breakdown between the client’s and the healthcare professionals. Second, there was a change in perspective towards their lives that compensated for the cancer pain experience and allowed the groups to possess positive attitudes and live life to the fullest (p.6). Next, gendered experience affected the pain management process negatively among all ethnics groups. The experience of the participants indicated that women were at a disadvantage and men were taken more seriously in regards to the pain assessment that was performed by the health care professionals. The differences among the four ethnic groups incorporated the need to control the pain by the white participants and minimizing the pain by the ethnic minority participants. Also, the research demonstrated that there was a preference of western medicine with the white participants and natural resources within the ethnic minorities. Finally, among the white participants the cancer pain experience was individual where as the ethnic minorities sought support from their families. According to the National Cancer Institute (n.d), cancer pain specifically needs to be managed suitably, as the client’s quality of life is at risk throughout all stages of the disease. The research obtained throughout this study is relevant to the Practical Nurse and should be implemented in his/her care.

Should a Practical Nurse Incorporate the Research Findings from This Study Into His/her Practice?...

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