Web Top Software, Desk Top Software and Microsoft

Topics: Microsoft, Application software, Computer software Pages: 4 (1125 words) Published: June 26, 2011
| | |Web Top Software, Desk top software and Microsoft | | | | | |Prabhakar Yadawad | | | |Phoenix University | | | |06/02/2011 |

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This paper answers the following questions from case 4 of chapter 4 of the book, ‘Management Information Systems’.

Q1. Do you agree that web top software will one day replace suites of desktop applications? Why or Why Not? Check out features of few web top products mentioned to support your answer.

Q2. Will Microsoft succeed in dominating the web top? Why or Why Not? Visit the websites of Windows Live, office Live and Google Apps and review their products to support your answer....

References: This article is based on case 3 questions(P.122) of book Management Information Systems by James O’ Brien and George Marakas (10th Ed)
PC Magazine, Oct 2008 Edition.
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