Web Television and Its Journey to Mainstream.

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Web television and its journey to mainstream.

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December 13, 2012
Margarette Chavez

Web Television and its Journey to Mainstream

With the birth of the internet, over the years, people have learned take full advantage of its use. From paying bills, to playing video games, to ordering coffee, the internet has been incorporated into our daily lives. Within the past five years a more creative way of using the internet has emerged. People are now using the internet to promote homemade low budget films. People have the ability to express themselves without the usage of a large budget or corporate sponsorship. Instead, people have tapped into the creative portion of their brain which seemed to have been dormant for so many years, and with the help of smartphones, are able to produce homemade videos that are uploaded to websites like YouTube for the entire world to see. From sitcoms to video blogs to short films, a whole new world of entertainment is available for the public to view but can this new wave of entertainment out shine traditional television? Over years the internet has produced several very popular web series and iconic characters who think that web television can be just as mainstream as traditional television. When people move across the country for work, it is hard to find time to call and talk with family, especially when there is a three-hour time difference and the long days of work seem to be never ending. That didn’t stop film and visual arts major Alyssa Onofreo from sharing her daily life with her friends and family back home. Alyssa decided to start her own vlog (video blog) on YouTube to help capture her daily activities and make sure she did not forget anything that may have happened that day. Whether it’s a 20-second video informing people she does not have internet, a short clip of her performing stand-up comedy at the college comedy club, or just a random thought that she may have had,...

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