Web Page and Personal Transferable Skills

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Four steps to the assignment:
1. Each group member should collect a scholarly article or report that discusses Personal Transferable Skills (PTS) ) [also referred to in the literature using the terms transferable skills, employability skills, and soft skills]. The group should construct a table that lists commonly cited PTS and their definition or description. Once students have a broad understanding of what PTS are, they should commence step 2 of the assignment.

2. Each group member should collect 10 job advertisements across two different job titles within the business sector. A list of job positions recommended for this analysis is provided via the Assessment area on the subject’s Learn JCU Site. You should analyse the job advertisements and highlight the essential criteria. From that information, construct a table that highlights which Personal Transferable Skills are considered essential by employers across all the jobs and how many advertisements specified each criterion. This will involve some synthesis of very similarly worded criteria into broader, more extensive criteria. Once this Job Skills Table is complete the top three PTS from your findings should be used within your wiki assignment.

3. Construct a Wiki to communicate your findings and to define and describe the essential Personal Transferable Skills that employers are seeking. The Wiki should include the following pages:  Home page with an executive summary, which includes the communication’s objective and intended audience, and contents links.

 Literature Review – this should include a review of the main findings from the scholarly articles and reports.
 Research Findings and Results- this should include a brief description of the methodology of how you conducted your research into PTS through the collection of job advertisements. It should include your findings presented in your Job Skills Table and a brief description. It should also include a discussion of the extent...

References: A page that lists all references used in APA format.
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