WEB Dubois and the Comparative Society

Topics: Marxism, Karl Marx, Sociology Pages: 3 (464 words) Published: September 18, 2014
W. E.B. Dubois and the Critique of the Competitive Society

As I was listening to the speech by Dr. Andrew Douglas, I understood that W. E. B. Dubois’s

idea was very similar to Marxism. Karl Marx, a German philosopher, economist, and sociologist,

constructed ideas about society, economics, and politics held that all societies progress through the

dialects of class struggle. This constitutes that a conflict between ownership class which controls

production and a lower class which produces the labor of goods. Therefore, he heavily criticized the

ideology of capitalism and announced it as the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

Dubois is concerned with how society torn between winners and losers and how society

decides on individuals classifies in each group. Capitalism is mostly operated by the wealthy

class for their own benefit that would inevitable produce internal tensions which would lead to

its self-destruction and replaced by socialism. Dubois wants to endorse competition as a way of

life and encourage a competitive society.

Furthermore, he advocated for Abolition Democracy which is the only way that politics

could be progressive. Essentially, this was speaking about how to abolish white privilege which

allow whites to obtain more advantages to prosper in society. In Abolition Democracy, Blacks

would now be free from inequality and take responsibility of any failure or shortcomings on


Earlier, Dubois was optimistic about the promise of African Americans working together

with the Whites in America. He was engaged in the Pan-African movement and wanted African

and African Americans to connect and share a common identity. This idea is contradictory

because in relations to African American, Dubois claims they have double consciousness. As a

result, blacks as people formed of the dual experience heritages of Africa and America, and

constantly tormented by the...
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