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Topics: World Wide Web, Web page, Web design, Graphic design, Google / Pages: 14 (3395 words) / Published: Apr 23rd, 2013
| Coursework 1 Website Report | Diarmuid Bogner / B00614798 |


Dr Hui Wang
Dr Hui Wang

Contents Page
Introduction____________________________________________________________ pages 3 -4
Analysis_______________________________________________________________ pages 5 - 6
System Design_________________________________________________________ pages 7 – 11
Implementation_______________________________________________________ pages 12 - 16
Conclusion___________________________________________________________ pages 17 - 21
Appendices______________________________________________________________ page 21

The purpose of this website was for a web development based company showcase the web sites they have created, the services they offer, help and support for new and old clients and to display contact information. Another purpose for creating this website was to help increase the amount of clients that the web development company was getting.
Creating this website also allowed me as a beginner web developer to further develop the skills that I have already acquired such as XHTML and CSS.

Organisation and Function of the Website The website I created is organized into several pages. Each page was named with an appropriate name to correspond with the information that was viewed on that page. For example the contact page was named “contatct.html”. This easily allows me to identify which page I was currently working on and would help if I had to make any changes or updates in the future. The website is made up with 15 different pages. In my website directory there is also a CSS file called style.css. This file contains all the style information on my website for example the background colour or the text font, size and colour. Naming the .css file “style” again would help me or anyone else having to edit the file knows what the purpose of the file is. The website layout follows the standard top to bottom

References: www.google.com/images www.w3schools.com http://www.iconfinder.com/ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1150163/stretch-and-scale-a-css-image-in-the-background-with-css-only

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