Web-Based Payment System for Ptc

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Chapter I
This chapter includes the background of the study, the general objectives, specific objectives and the scope and limitation of the WEB-BASED PAYMENT SYSTEM FOR PTC. Background of the Study
In today’s modern age where Computer has become a way of life, it is obvious that majority of country’s institutions still do not adapt such technology. Mostly in schools facilities, semester enrolment transactions are still done manually. We know that modern schools and colleges are now operating at great speed to serve as many students as possible.

Computer can process data to produce expected Information. It is a vital element of a business and institution, serves as the primary part of an organization. It is considered as the answer for success by businesses and institutions. It is used to observe every part of business transactions and to support effective decision making of an organization. Information holds data such as name, address, or even payment record of an individual.

With the appearance of computer, the development of internet is widely use around the world. Internet is an interlinked computer networking worldwide, which is accessible in the general public. It connects people around the world; it also plays a big part for an instant result and response in information and communication. Through internet; Personal, Business, or Academics can access information quickly. In this technology, any organization can transact business with other organizations or costumers.

Nowadays company and institution use a well organized payment system that stabilized and ease the costumers. Payment system is an act of transferring value (money) from a payer to the payee in exchange of the provision of goods and services or both in order to fulfil legal obligation. The business and institution records such information for future reference, to avoid redundancy and to have accuracy.

Internet and computer are big help in terms of Enrolment System of an institution. Through internet and use of computer, the institution can develop a Web-Based Application that can support a system. Web-Based Application is a software package that can be access through the internet. It can allow user to perform from any locations and access information remotely twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With a computer connected to internet and a web browser you can access the system from any location. Other institutions are aware in the benefits of computer and internet, taking advantage of such benefits can improve their enrolment system. The proponents decided to develop web-based payment system for Pateros Technological College. Since 1992, the Pateros Technological College (PTC) is growing in terms of its population and credibility that the manual method of enrolling is no longer appropriate. Now, PTC has known as a computer school, the researchers aim the school to adopt a new and organized Payment System that will make the system more systematize and efficient. In almost two years that the researchers stayed in Pateros Technological College, slow transactions are always been observed. Students wait a long time to be process in the enrolment, semi-computerize information handling and a very long line of students in front of the accounting’s office that takes some hours to be processed. The proponents of the study conduct a research in school by asking a problem that may help to have a wider view and perceptive about Web-Based Payment System for Pateros Technological College. Enrolment system of PTC is composed of three major systems. The registration system, it is the part that a student is filling up an information sheet. The information sheet collects the information of every students; it is all about their personal records and their subjects to be enrolled during the semester. Second is the encoding system, it encodes the information in paper to allow monitoring the number of students per section and responsible for...
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