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CI3540 Coursework Brief (PROVISIONAL)

Semester 2, 2012/13


Write a simple E-commerce application, which may be a bookshop, music shop, clothes store, or anything else you wish.

Primary Features:

• A user interface to allow customers to view items for sale. • A shopping cart and checkout facility which generates orders. • A password-protected administrator interface to allow the owner to view/edit stock and pending orders.

Secondary Objectives:

• A search facility to allow the customer to search the database for items he wants to buy (the MySQL LIKE clause is useful here). • A sign-up/log-in facility to allow users to create accounts.

Do not worry too much about the payment side of things: A dummy page requesting credit card details etc. (not actually doing anything with the information) will be sufficient. Alternatively you could create a dummy account with PayPal.

Make it clear that it is NOT a real shop.


The deadline for submission is 1pm on 22 March 2013 to the Student Office. Your submission should include the following:

1. The URL at which the website can be viewed online, together with any usernames and passwords necessary to view the entire site.

2. A hardcopy of the code. (If the code is too long, just print out the important parts and put the rest on a CDROM.)

3. Screenshots of all the major browser displays and explanatory notes where necessary. (This will be used to mark the work in the event of technical difficulties.)

Ideally, I would like to complete all the marking online. However, if for any reason you cannot upload your work to the Internet, please make arrangements to demonstrate your website to me on your own laptop. There will be a penalty of 5% for doing it this way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to write a report?

No, but please comment your code well.

Do I have to use PHP?

No. I’ve rushed through PHP at the start...
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