Web 240 Team Assignment

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McBride Financial Website Redesign
Buddy Hanrahan, Jonathan Walker, Fernando Villasenor
April 29, 2013
Brian Jones

McBride Financial Website Redesign
The Virtual Organization being evaluated, its purpose, and intended audience McBride Financial is looking for a complete redesign of their web presence We created the current Web site when we first had the idea for McBride Financial Services. As we have continued through the business start-up process, we have honed our concept of how McBride Financial Services will position itself in the market and how it will run its operations. We're not sure that the original Web site design, will be able to meet our needs. The Web site will be vital for McBride's success. The company will keep operating expenses low by employing only a few brokers and a support person in each office. We will depend upon the company Web site and self-serve kiosks located in the offices to educate customers about the various loans that are available and to sell those customers on getting their loan through us. The majority of our advertising will be directing potential customers to our Web site and, from there, on to our offices. It is imperative that the Web site educates customers about and sells them on our services. submit a 10- to 12-page written evaluation of the existing website, including recommendations for improvement ( from McBride Service Request) Provide an executive summary detailing how your design achieves McBride's needs. The design should consider the following: * How the Web site can effectively educate and sell services to customers. * Using the Web site for communication.

* How the Web site can enhance customer service.
* Internet security issues.
* How the Web site could link to partnering businesses.
* How the Web site could be used to generate revenue.
A thorough investigation of top 20 design criteria. The list of design criteria created by the team, including a description of why each was considered to be important

New attractive logo|
Better Color Scheme|
Consistent design|
rounded corners (bubble technique)|
box shadows and text shadowing (light boxes)|
transparency for data fieldsets|

Staff list with links and photos|
Clear and understandable contact information|
Provide List of services section|
A Testimonials section|
Consistent navigation within the entire site|

Well-structured file system|
Quick to load|
Standard CSS site-wide|
Easy navigation|
No horizontal scrolling|

Website Usability|
clear navigation|
proper security|
compatibility for multiple devices|
compatibility for multiple browsers|

All graphics have ALT label|
Tags are current and accurate to improve SEO|

determine the intended purpose and audience.
Complete a comparative review of two sites with purposes and audiences similar to those of the Virtual Organization site you are evaluating. Use the design criteria developed by the team for the review. The results of the comparative review of sites

Buddy’s Comparative Worksheet.
Questions | 1st Website| 2nd Website|
The First Look| https://www.vlender.com/b/bgermain/| http://www.onestopmortgageshop.co.uk/| What was your initial impression of the site? Did you feel bored, overwhelmed, or confused?| very weak site| another eye chard| How much time did it take to realize the purpose of the site?| found with a specific search, but had I happened upon the site it would have gotten passed up, it looks like an eye chart| found with a specific search, but had I happened upon the site it would have gotten passed up, it looks like an eye chart| What is the target audience for the site?| evidently someone who has mortgage needs or lives in a barley furnished apartment | mortgage| Did the site look the same in multiple browsers, if multiple browsers were...
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