Web 2.0

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Web 2.0

January 25, 2013

Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is a Web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere; web 2.0 uses Simple applications to solve a specific problem. The value of web 2.0 lies within the content on the website using it not within the software that is used to display content. Data can be readily shared and Distributed from the bottom-up and not top-down, Employees and customers can access and use tools on their own, Social tools encourage people to create, collaborate, edit, categorize, exchange, and promote information. Websites such as MySpace, facebook, and blogger.com all use Web 2.0, this information and technologies allow people to connect through the internet using their podcast or even social media sites. Web 2.0 also allows business to blog about their products so that they can get consumer feedback. Some of the advantages that business have with web 2.0 is that the more they use the internet to process and input all of their information and data the less they will have to worry about constantly updating their softwear. Web 2.0 also gives business an advantage by providing a new way to collaborate and exchange information while reducing the importance of the PC itself as an information-delivery platform. Web 2.0 can provide numerous advantages for business but it can also have some down falls such as losing internet signal or system crashing which can cause the business to lose all of their data and information if they did not back it up on a hard drive.
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