Weather and Sea Level Rises

Topics: Weather, Ocean, Fossil fuel Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: January 12, 2012
Signos: Banta ng Pagbabago sa Kalikasan

There are many signs of Climate Change in the environment but did we take noticed of it? No. Sometimes the weather changes very quickly that we don’t know if it will rain or not, but we still didn’t do anything about it. We just continued our everyday lives unaware of what was happening in our planet. I think we Filipinos should start the change because as we all know that the Philippines is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire and its tropical climate makes us prone to earthquake and typhoons.

In this documentary, a few journalists and environmentalists helps us to know more about climate change. They discussed what the causes of climate change are. It is caused by using Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Gases that we always use and as the time passes by, starts to thicken in the atmosphere and it blocks the sun rays from getting out. For example, Fossil Fuel, we used it every day ever since the Industrial Revolution. We can’t blame it on modernized countries because even we individuals have some faults. One of them is when we use electricity; we always left it plugged even if we are not using it, even this simple act is using energy that is why we should always unplug electronics every time we are finish using them. They said that the sea helps us to lessen the CO2 or the Greenhouse Gases, but because there are many of them they could not cope and the result is that even the sea becomes warmer. They also gave some examples of the signs, like Coral Bleaching, the case that is currently happening in El Nido, Palawan, and as a result a lot of fishes lost their homes and soon they are dying. And they also gave us some idea on how will this problem affects the planet. For example, the harvest of rice will deflate; there will be less catch of fish, the icebergs will melt and the sea water level will rise and there’s a possibility that it will cause a huge flood that can make the landforms sink. There had been deadly...
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