Weather and Our Health

Topics: Atmospheric pressure, Weather, Climate Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Weather and our health
Throughout history, mankind has always been in awe of the weather. Ancient Civilizations considered natural disasters to be the work of the Gods. The weather still plays a big part in our lives today. It affects many of the things that we do, from the clothes we wear and the food we eat, to where we live and how we travel. As a result, the weather is of great interest to people everywhere, from meteorologists, the scientists who study it. In fact, one of the main topics of conversation is often what the weather will do next. The weather really does affect our moods and health. In recent years scientists have become interested in attempting to understand just how various weather extremes and changing patterns affect our health. According to the doctors cold weather, thunderstorms can trigger asthma attacks. Falling barometric pressure, a sudden drop in temperature – these weather changes may trigger headaches in people already susceptible to them. And it appears that stable weather may help reduce the incidence of migraines. Research supports the theory that changing weather triggers migraines. In one survey that asked migraine sufferers to list triggers, 53% responded "weather". The effect of changes in the weather on our health is undeniable. Just ask the severe rheumatoid arthritis patient about his joint pain during rainy days. Atmospheric pressure can be felt by those with achy joints or metal implants in their bodies. They can predict the weather better than some network television meteorologists. How can you be wrong when the atmosphere is in your bones, literally? In addition extreme temperatures increase heart risk. Research considers that there are significantly more suicides in winter months. It's not just psychological. It's not just a coincidence that mortality rates increase by means of heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, and influenza during the winter. They say that disease is simply more...
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