Wearing Bicycle Helmets for Our Security

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Wearing bicycle helmets for our security

Our organization called Student Volunteers for China’s Future (SVCF). We adopts projects such as promoting education in undeveloped areas of China, campaigns to stop genocide, stop the use of land mines and stop the manufacturing of “bombies”. Now, our group has initiated is to encourage the children of China to wear bicycle helmets. Helmet is to protect our brain if we fall down. It will cause brain damage and even death without helmets. Our university should make a rule that all students on campus must wear bicycle helmets when riding bicycles.

Risks without wearing helmets

A real example happened to my friend

There are many risks when we don’t wear bicycle helmets.
Firstly, when we have traffic accidents, it is easy to injury our brain. A real example happened to a member in our group. She rode a bicycle on the motor way, and had a competition with her friend that who rode fast. Her tires hit a little stone while she was on the downhill, the tires kept shaking left and right and she couldn't control her bicycle, then she fell down and she slammed on the ground. Fortunately, her friend heard a loud cry and took her to the hospital immediately. The doctor said she was bumped off half tooth and resulted mild concussion. Until today, she can’t remember anything happened on that day even how she was sent to the hospital. It is worth for us to use for references. Secondly, it is hard to be paid attention by the car drivers. There are some special materials covering the surface of helmets. They can be seen at night. It is a good function of helmets. Thirdly, every countries have rules that asking bikers to wear helmets. If you don’t do it, you will be caught and fined by the traffic police.

Effectiveness of helmets

The meaning of wearing bicycle helmets

Bicycle helmet is common head security equipment. Its main function is to reduce the head injury in the accidents and make it lowest. It...
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