Wearable Thoughts

Topics: Person, Fashion, Individual Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: April 20, 2006
Douglas Koh, Luis Mendoza, Widy Dieudonne, Shine Jeon, Edward Yim Artist Statement & Explanation of Identity in the City, Wearable Item

"Wearable Thoughts"

In our present society, you are judged by what you wear, you are you clothes, you are the label that you wear, if its Gucci or just a No-brand name, people judge you according to your outfit. The Wearable Thoughts piece is a project of identity, the identity of the group and how each of us as individuals have our own mindset, views on life and the world around us. We give life to our clothes, as the old saying goes," the man makes the clothes, the clothes do not make the man." We are here to give meaning to the clothes we wear.

The Wearable Thoughts piece will be constructed of two sweaters mimicking the reversible jacket that we see today. We selected the reversible jacket because it signifies identity and change; for example, in society we are viewed from the outside, from our personalities to our clothes. That would signify the outer part of the reversible jacket. The other part of us is hidden from strangers, people that we do not trust. We only reveal it when we are comfortable, and it would normally be to our loved ones. The reversible part of the jacket is use when we want change, when we are bored of the same old thing. It's a fashion statement but also shows society that you are an individual that you choose to wear whichever side you want. It's a statement that could only be made by the person that wears it.

The idea of our reversible jacket is simple. On the outside we will have something that will represent us as a group, a symbol that we created. The idea of the symbol is plain and direct, it's a character constructed with a part of everyone in the group. It's subtle and catches the attention of anyone that is looking at it. The inner side of the jacket is where we let our individuality speak for itself, we gathered words and ideas that mean something to us and painted it on the...
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