Weapons, Personal Protection Equipment, and Use of Force

Topics: Human rights, Security, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 4 (1008 words) Published: February 17, 2014

Weapons, Personal Protection Equipment, and Use of Force

January 27, 2014
Richard Sapp
Weapons, Personal Protection Equipment, and Use of Force
Aspects of physical and personal security are all around, from trips out of the country, to the mailbox, or even to the courthouse. Physical and personal security is one of the most debated safety concerns affecting numerous places and facilities. Developing a cohesive security plan requires awareness, education/training, identifying potential threats and creating countermeasures. Procedures, needs, and standards of physical and personal security change daily, and some may not even be noticeable to common society. With events, such as September 11th police agencies and citizens now face other challenges concerning protecting the public as well as themselves. As the dangers of the world continue to lend surprises, the degree of social policy in the area of physical and personal security will continue to develop to a level where protection is guaranteed to citizens. This paper will addresses the use of weapons, personal protection equipment, and force related to physical and personal security. Weapons

As one can clearly see, the problem or issue concerning guns and bombs is the innocent lives that are affected. With the issue of guns and bombs, one can see that people are not equipped when these incidents occur because the individuals that commit these crimes pre- meditate before committing the crime and act on impulse without giving any warning or demonstrating suspicious acts prior to it happening.So how does one protect themselves from these types of weapons? When one thinks about weapons the mind mostly goes to guns. Creating a sense of power this weapon is the ideal form of personal security. Its popularity has sparked several debates on gun control and a person’s ability to carry a weapon as personal security. “The common-sense changes to the background check program will...

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