Weapons: Ancient Rome and English Military Power

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, War Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Ancient Roman and Elizabethan Weapons and Warfare
Both the Elizabethan England and Ancient Roman had powerful armies but with different styles. With Elizabethan England army has their medieval weapons and Ancient Roman having their defensive weapons they were able to conquer much territory as well as be feared. A sword and a spear were the main weapons of Roman soldier. Skill in fencing during the Elizabethan era was a requirement of all upper class. The Ancient Roman was based on its strong military power. The English warfare periods laid the foundations of modern English military power.

The Roman military regime was one of the strongest because of their superior weapons. “Some of the Ancient Roman weapons were helmets, body amour, shield, swords, dagger, spear, pilum and an ancient Roman sword called gladiolus”(Ancient Roman weapons). These weapons were mostly their main ones they used in battle. “Ancient Romans had a wide array of defense and offense weapons that held in war tactics” (Ancient Roman weapons). The Romans had great defense that made them win most of the times. “However the main and primarily ancient Roman weapon used by the Roman legionaries was a spear” (Ancient Roman weapons). The spear was the main weapon that helps kill most of their enemies. The Romans had great weapons that they used in war, they new how to used them very well to kill their enemy in war.

The Elizabethan weapons from the medieval period are still being used.

Elizabethan weapons were the battle ace, the mace, dagger, lanes, arbalest, basilar, bill, bill hock, caltrop, melbera, longbow, and some other weapons (Elizabethan weapons). “The different types of swords ranged from the smallest broadsword measuring 30 inches to the great swords which measured up to 72 inches”(Elizabethan weapons). “There were archers in the militia and some military theorist still preferred the bow to the gun” (Elizabethan weapons). Elizabethan had good weapons to use in warfare....
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