Topics: Working class, Social class, Middle class Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Emily Steinmetz
Ms. White
April 21, y
The Gilded Cage
Rags to riches is a cliche often brought up in stories of triumph. In Money and Class in America:The Gilded Cage, it is portrayed that there is a possible reversal, resulting in riches to rags. The author offers a birds eye view of the wealthy American people, while commenting on the imperfections of their lifestyle. The author, a Yale graduate, explains his encounter with a man with a pseudonym of George Armory. Privilege was prominent in both the author and Armory’s families. Inheritance is he key factor in both stories of wealth. The Author, a knowingly wealthy man, was simply more mindful than his wealthy counterparts. His grandfather became the mayor of San Fransisco and previously had power of business. This mapped out a childhood of casual rides in limousines and extravagant outings. Despite the amount of money he had in his youth, and continued wealth, he was able to reflect on his surroundings. George Armory was planning on inheriting a large amount of wealth from his grandparents. The highlight of their privilege was that they never had to worry about working, or make a name for themselves; they were born into a top tier lifestyle. George never prioritized or went through the mental processes of deciphering how to maintain such a life style, and what he might have to actually make of himself. This close encounter with a fellow privileged man allowed the author to create a “big picture” look at America’s wealth at the time.

Life was coated in gold, for some, literally. The affluent had two jobs, one being their actual money making profession (if it is not inheritance), and maintaining the image. Image often says more about a person’s standing in society than the true effect they have. George Armory’s expenses were blatantly laid out. If one is born with the right name, this kind of wealth is breed into him. The author explains the schooling, “nurtured social rather than intellectual...
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