Wealth Gap

Topics: Wealth, United States, Working class Pages: 4 (1262 words) Published: September 29, 2013

In our society today, there is a huge divide between the wealthy and the impoverished. The richest individuals of the population make the majority of money being earned today. Some have proposed that there should be a more equitable system put in place to even out the distribution of money in our economy. This would ensure there are no extremely poor or lavishly wealthy individuals. But is such a system even realistic to implement in the United States? The U.S. is just not a nation of people who are willing to make significant monetary sacrifices for others because of some attitude like “we’re all in it together.” American citizens view themselves independently of each other economically. Though we may always be united in times of crisis and despair, we are a very individualistic society when it comes to earning money.

In Aftershock, author Robert Reich supports the position of a more efficient system of economics that would more evenly distribute money across the different economic classes. He lays out several measures that would have to be taken for his system to work. These include more protection for the middle class via legislation and stronger unions, stricter financial laws on corporations, higher income tax on the wealthy, and diverting money from other budgets such as defense. Reich’s liberal bubble might be burst by the fact that none of these are new ideas and there are reasons why they haven’t been implemented already.

“Strengthening the middle class” been repeated over and over by politicians recently, especially by Obama and his administration during the campaign process. Has the president actually done anything to merit the label of “strengthened middle class?” Of course not. Unemployment of middle class workers is as high as ever. So Reich saying “more protection for the middle class” is basically an empty statement. It may sound nice, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Reich also supports unionizing, despite the fact that they are...

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