Weakness Associated with Gm

Topics: W. Edwards Deming, Walter A. Shewhart, General Motors Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: July 20, 2010
Manufacturing capacity problem.
Product strategy begins with a strategic vision that states where a company wants to go, how it will get there, and why it will be successful (McGrath, 2001) Manufacturing problem
General motors’ weakness can be seen as they are not fully utilizing their manufacturing plants. Manufacturing plants that are not operating at full capacity is taking tow on the business, especially in high-cost manufacturing countries. . This show that general motors’ isn’t planning about the future of that product and producing overwhelming of product that may contribute to loses in the company. There is no future planning and a cause loses in the manufacturing sector. Further evidence of the importance of quality is provided in Deming's famous Fourteen Points, stating that management must "adopt a new quality philosophy" that "create constancy of purpose toward improvement of product and service (Russell, Gregory R, 1998) Poor Product Quality

General motors’ product weakness can be seen as product that is a certain point general motors’ has been criticized for launching numerous new models under different brand and at the same time ditching them if they are not proven to be a stellar success , creating huge levels of product churn. The company takes 34 hours to built a typical GM car, while the others competitor such as Toyota it take 28 hours. The company has only recently focused on harmonizing production, and sharing parts and car platforms .The result of falling sales, GM has closed several plants, which is incurring the wrath of its unions This is a mistake that general motors’ did because they have to spent a certain amount and require substantial investment in the new models cars that has been launch. General motors’ is facing trouble clearing new models that accumulating in an alarmingly rate. Compare with other developer they frequently update their product with latest technology and revamp their subtle stylistic change. Another...
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