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We've Got Mail, Always

By Deluxeandrew Oct 22, 2014 493 Words

Josh Smith
Mr. Jones
ACP English
Practice Summary #1
August 21, 2014

Email is one of the number one ways to communicate in the universe. Technology has changed the lives of the people who live in this century. Since the beginning of technology, it has been considered a great thing and a poor thing. In "We've Got Mail-Always" by Andrew Leonard, he states the facts about email and its effect on people's lives. Ever since day one, email has been criticized, and cut down by people. Email is often overused by people, especially workers in the workforce. People can't get a break from their emails being bothered by emails on their own time, no matter if they are spending time with family on vacation or just sitting around at home. People just can't stay away from online communication. This also includes people ability to use email to their advantage and treat someone a way they wouldn't treat them face to face, meaning they are pretending to be someone they are not. Email is also known as a helpful tool to people. While some disagree with email, others agree it is very useful to our everyday lives. Instead of having to write out a letter by hand and send it through the mail, email shorts transaction time by letting you type and send instantly to the person of your choice. If you're in need of love, email has dating sites you can subscribe to. Email is also helpful because you can use it to communicate with someone from the opposite side of the world. In just seconds you can have a conversation with someone you know in Europe, instead of waiting days to weeks for a letter to be delivered in the mail. Another advantage of email is the ability to keep in touch with your out of town easily on a regular basis. Making your busy lives a little easier by making your message send with the click of a button. Email is used by more than 225 million people worldwide, proving that it is not a curse nor a blessing. While your email is being filled with spam and junk mail, you're also receiving messages from a different time zone. To say whether it is a blessing or a curse, the world may never know. In this day and age, email is used on the internet constantly, you can't belong to a social media website, buy items online, or even fill our school paperwork without an email address or your request is not accepted. Email is a very fragile item. Without it, the world would not consist of internet or text messaging or any other source of online communication. Email is the root to all of our technology now, and without it, the world would not be the same.

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