We Should Preserve Hawker Centres As They Are Part Of Our Culture

Topics: Sociology, Singapore, Culture Pages: 2 (911 words) Published: March 18, 2015
We should preserve hawker centres as they are part of our culture. Discuss. Hawker centres are an essential aspect of Singaporean lives, not only for the locals but for the visitors to our country too. Culture refers to the collective attitudes, beliefs, practices and institutions within a society. One such example of a cultural institution in Singapore is the popularity of open-air food complexes which sell a variety of inexpensive food, known as hawker centres. With Singapore being a food hub, hawker centres are pivotal in promoting food tourism. In addition, it represents the uniqueness of our history and culture and consequently, fosters social cohesion by enhancing the common grounds between people from different walks of life. Hawker centres are a source of revenue to fuel the economic growth of the country, particularly in the tourism industry where it allows both foreigners and locals alike to partake in this cultural practice. Hawker centres are essential as they bring in a considerable amount of revenue. This revenue, in part, is fuelled by visitors from other countries coming to taste the local dishes. For example, famous hawker centres such as Newton Food Centre see many tourists daily. The centre advertises to tourists, with signages on the history and cultural significance of each dish. As such, hawker centres parade our food culture to the rest of the world, and in doing so, fuel the tourism industry. However, there are also many hawker centres in Singapore, and not all of them are economically sustainable. Resources used in building, developing and maintaining these centres would mean that these resources cannot be allocated to areas of greater need, leaving the government and town councils weighing out the benefits of preserving this cultural institution. For instance, hawker centres take up space, preventing the development of other commercial buildings that could bring in more revenue. This problem is all the more severe, as Singapore is...
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