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We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think

Topics: High school, Education, Romeo and Juliet, United States, Teacher / Pages: 2 (484 words) / Published: Oct 21st, 2013
Have you ever got interested by the ideas or examples that other people and their own experiences that they shares with public? Well, here is one that I heard and got me interested. I am mostly agreed with the ideas or examples given by Kie Ho in the article “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think” Fist thing I agree with Ho is the freedom to freely think, write and be creative. I like it when Ho mentions that we might not have the vest education standard but we have the best school for students to share their ideas and opinions. One good example that he mentioned was the differences between his high school and his son’s high school. How he learned Shakespeare in high school and how his son learn in high school. He had to memorize all the major cities but his son only had to write a love note letter to Romeo and Juliet. His son did not have to memorize anything like he did back in his high school time. By knowing the differences of Ho and his son’s high school year, I think Ho do not have any choice to shares his ideas. His son who wrote a love letter to Romeo and Juliet was more independence. He can share his ideas in the letter he wrote to Romeo and Juliet. Another great example was that United States produces the most advance technology. If United States did not have the best education, why would it be one of the most advance countries in the world? I think it is because people in the United States shares their ideas and opinions to everyone unlike Communist China people who only learn what the government wants them to learn and do not have much voice to share their opinions. One example Ho mentioned and I think it is not as strong as other examples is when he talked about the Japanese business men who send their child to private school staffed by Japanese teachers. In my opinion, it does not matter whether the school we are going to is private or public. One is not better than the other one. I also have a second thought that private school might be better if you know someone who is very smart and you hire that one person to educate your child. After all, I think it is mostly depends on your child. If your child is a hard-working person and spends their time wisely studying instead of spending time foolishly, they will learn and are smarter than those who spend their time foolishly. In conclusion, we should cherish our children’s freedom to think instead of giving your own opinions to your children. Let them share their ideas with yours and other people. Sharing ideas will lead our country into an even more advance country than it is now.

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