We Real Cool Poem Gwen Brooks

Topics: Robert Penn Warren, Gwendolyn Brooks, All the King's Men Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: April 7, 2015
In the poem, We Real Cool, Gwendolyn Brooks uses the tone of her poem to assert the [inevitable] misfortunes of the boys. The poem opens with the lines, “THE POOL PLAYERS. SEVEN AT THE GOLDEN SHOVEL”. This format and style is typically used in plays. In plays, this is used to set the scene. From this, we can conclude that the speakers of the poem are the boys. More importantly, this format enforces the reality of the poem because plays are live in front of an audience. This reality is important throughout the poem, but most important in the end. The last sentence in the poem, which is in the last two lines, is “We Die soon.” Contrasting from the rest of the poem which is positive and confident, the last line of the poem is dark. This is the actual author’s thought which foreshadows their death. It is said that the boys drink, stay out late, and skip school (there is no way to determine if the boys dropped out); all of these behaviors are [deleterious] to the well being of a person. It can be concluded that the boys gamble too, because gambling is common in pool halls. These hedonistic behaviors could lead to death. The lack of correct grammar shows the lack of education in the boys which also would lead to their death. An example of this incorrect grammar is in the first line of the poem “We real cool” instead of We are cool. Although this last sentence follows the pattern of the rest of the poem and one might think that the boys are still speakers in the last line, this is not true. There is no rational way to deduct that the boys are the speakers, stating plainly that they will die soon. In the earlier parts of the poem, the sentences are separated between lines to reveal the confidence of the boys. Also, the first word of every line is emphasized. This is evident in the tone of voice in the recording of Gwendolyn reading the poem. It doesn’t make sense that the boys would say that they will die soon, because of their confidence earlier in...
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