We Need to Talk

Topics: Disability, Human, Talk show Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: February 17, 2013
We Need To Talk
The play We Need To Talk illustrates the theme of acceptance. The play explores the prejudice individuals with special needs face in their society. The society ridicules and misjudges the handicapped. The theme of acceptance is conveyed perfectly through elements of acting and costume designing. Scene four outlines the false perceptions people have of wheel bound parents, the idea that they are incapable of being descent parents. Cara, played by Jolene De Tiege, and Luke, played by Erik Jensen, perfectly embodies their characters’ despair of trying to convince Mrs. Worthington, played Patty Hackman, of their ability to take care of a child. For example, De Tiege’s face transforms from the state of excitement to sadness when Mrs. Worthington lists the disadvantages she has to be a normal mother. Jensen in a raised tone of voice disclaims the negative comments against his wife, showing the love Luke has for Cara. Once the interview is over, the act takes the story in the setting of a talk show suggesting the ridicule handicapped people face from the public. Guests Tina, played by Tina Klingseis, and Norman, played by Jeff Clevenger, are exposed as freaks by the host Minnie Ryder, played by Char Summerfield, instead of being accepted as human beings. For example, Klingseis at first happily discusses the enjoyment her artwork gives her, then she becomes disgusted when she is being taunted by the host, her facial expression is harsh and stern because of the prejudice comments being said. Her speech spreads chills throughout the audience as she directly looks at the viewers, asking to be considered as a human being. The opening scene takes place in an elegant restaurant with formal dress code. Becca Smith did a phenomenal job in bringing out the characters personality with costumes specially made in mind to capture the audience’s attention to the message, rather than being distracted by the extravagant clothing. For example, Jen’s (Jolene De Tiege)...
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