Topics: Religion, Philosophy, Spirituality Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: October 12, 2014
Gerald L. Gonzales
Before I start this Philosophy I just want to clarify that IM NOT AN ATTHIEST .I have Skepticism; I often question the belief of others. I often questioned in my mind the beliefs of my professor in philosophy about his perspective in religion. I don’t believe that religion is necessary, as long as we believe in GOD, we are spiritually religious. Religion stopped from being a spiritual guide, and became a tool to control and manage the behavior of people. The priests began to give themselves more and more powers, and they led many societies into wars and ways of life that had nothing to do with spirituality. I simply say that religion must become nothing more than a spiritual guide for individuals. MY PERSPECTIVE

In our day, unlike in the days of generations past, we have much too simplistic a view of what it means to believe something. In the world today, many people use the word "believe" to describe their feelings about something or describe a fleeting wish or hopeful desire. But as we consider the word belief, or faith, in its fullest biblical sense, we see that the word implies God's gracious act of giving and our humble act of receiving and resting on Christ alone, which involves our entire being: the heart, the mind, and the will. I have Skepticism in a way that I often questioned the beliefs of other. But I’m afraid to tell them about my perspective. First I’m sarcastic. Second I often talk serious. Third 90% they don’t care about my opinion. Religion, as I understand it, is human activity that is directed towards God or heaven while the Faith, as I understand it, is human trust and dependence on their god provision and activity, both in this life and beyond. Also religion often to discriminate and judge other religion. And I hate the way they judge other by their perspective in living. I HATE JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE.I can example my professor in philosophy, he judge me for having a different outfit, wild hair. I...
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