We Drove To Auburn Table

Topics: Thought, Linguistics, Persona Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Complete the following table to build your understanding of texts and how to relate them to your Area of Study – Journeys Poem 1 /Text: ________We drove to auburn________________________________________________Author/composer: Fiona Wright ____________________________ Ideas

About Journeys
of the journey
Textual features
Textual Evidence
Evaluate the effect on the responder
Impact of the journey: note shifts in attitudes and values of the traveller Assumptions about the journey
compare or contrast to other prescribed and own text/s

Physical + inner journey

Not to the expectation of ‘Kirribilli”

Truncated sentences

Incomplete sentences

Sentence Fragment


Conjunction ( bringing sentences together- from previous line)

“Auburn. We drove to Auburn.” …,….
“id googled Moroccan grocers, there wasn’t anything, so I figured Turkish would do.”

“I didn’t know it was so economically challenged.”
“So much cheaper than over here.”
“He just said biscuit.”
“And I’m intolerant of tree nuts, anyways.”

“no proper signs”

“A long way from Kirribilli”

“and sweet.”
“And im tolerant..”

Text Insinuates personas is a ‘she’ – “off the shoulder” (women clothes)

Slipping in fine detail to reveal to reader their thoughts and shock of where they are Expecting them to have gourmet type shops to buy/ eat
Realisation of the economic level that the suburb is experiencing

Not a proper sentence
Immediate effect of idea conveyed

constant reminder to reader of where she is - disbelief she is in Auburn impersonal affect

Connects the unfinished sentences from previous line

Persona learns that there is not always everything you want and not everything in the community is of high standard in comparison to ‘Kirribilli’ “There was a Torture...
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