We Didnt Start the Fire

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Meaning of we didn’t start the fire
Lawrence of Arabia
The patrons who attended The Royal Film Performance held in London on 10 December, 1962 were in for a long night - 216 minutes. They had paid to view the premier of a film based on the exploits of TE Lawrence who, since the publication of his book Seven Pillars of Wisdom, was more commonly known as 'Lawrence of Arabia'. The man, the book and the film all capture the imagination. British Beatlemania

The phenomenon of The Beatles was not something that the British music industry had previously seen, nor has it seen since. The Beatles set the standard for show business popularity that fan clubs of every singing sensation since have failed to reproduce. Wherever you see limousines pursued by girls throwing underwear; teenage girls screaming crazily until their bladders give way; radio promos; crass advertising; cash-in films and colourful album covers, you can be sure the precedent was set by John, Paul, George and Ringo. So little remains to be said about the Beatles' music that adding to the mounds of commentary here seems pointless. But it was the Beatlemaniacs who invented the likes of the 'Paul is Dead' myth, and it was the hundreds of copycats who converted Eastern mysticism into the psychedelic movement of the late 1960s. Beatlemania was about far more than music, it was a worldwide cult. The fans' support was much greater than idolisation; it went on to establish a new status for celebrities and public icons. Ole Miss

James Meredith was expecting trouble, for just days before submitting his application to the University of Mississippi (commonly called 'Ole Miss') he sent a letter to Thurgood Marshall of the Legal Defence and Education Fund requesting legal assistance should it be necessary. Meredith was a student at Jackson State College, an all-black school, when he made his first application on 31 January, 1961 for the spring semester. The application was neither denied nor accepted, but the school stalled until it was too late to register for the semester. Immediately Mr Meredith sent a letter to the US Justice Department asking them to intervene on his behalf, then reapplied to the university for the summer session. When his second application was also stalled, he and the NAACP filed suit in US District court in May 1961 alleging that the school was denying his application on the basis of race. After more than a year in the courts and numerous appeals, the US Supreme Court found in favour of Mr Meredith on 10 September, 1962. The school was ordered to allow Mr Meredith to register, yet Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett continued to bar his admission. The Supreme Court ruling sparked ire with state officials, residents and Ole Miss students who began gathering to protest against the integration of the school. Attorney General Robert Kennedy dispatched more than 500 US Marshals, border guards and prison guards to the university on 30 September to hold the peace, instructed not to fire on the crowd but to use only tear gas. The gathered mob of more than 2,000 rioted against the guards, and as the violence escalated President John F Kennedy sent 16,000 Army and National Guard troops to the campus. In the end the riot left two people dead, 28 US Marshals with gunshot wounds and 160 injured. James Meredith attended his first class at Ole Miss on 1 October, 1962 amid an escort of federal officials. James Meredith's enrolment at Ole Miss is largely seen as a landmark civil rights event, but Mr Meredith doesn't associate himself with the civil rights movement. His stated goal was to get the government to use the military to enforce his rights as a US citizen; he considers his actions to be more a strike against 'white supremacy' than anything to do with civil rights. In 1966 Mr Meredith published Three Years in Mississippi about his experiences attending school at Ole Miss. John Glenn

John Herschel Glenn, Jr was born 18 July, 1921 in Cambridge, Ohio and attended...
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