Are We Conditioned?

Topics: Religion, Human, Life Pages: 5 (1801 words) Published: April 29, 2003
All humans are conditioned creatures. We are conditioned to do many different things in life, some in very specific ways. One example, an obvious one, is behavioral conditioning. In an organized society, we are conditioned by outside factors (e.g. parents, government, friends) to act in a certain way. There is a limit to what we can do, where we can do it, and how we can do it. For instance, most of us are conditioned to pay taxes, obey laws, and lead as healthy and productive lives as possible. However, some of us, although we have been conditioned to do these things over and over from birth, do not obey our conditioning. An example of this is people that have the means to pay for something, yet choose to steal it instead. They know they must pay for it, yet they disobey their conditioning that has taught them that they must pay for things. They are taught these ideals by those who are in control of their lives. Their parents, teachers, and government are the ones in control. All who are in control of us are, therefore, humans. We are not under the control of any animal, whether it be a mouse or a lion. Humans that have conditioned other humans must have been conditioned, therefore, by a human being themselves. Therefore it is a cycle.

All who are in control are conditioned creatures. Since we have stated that to be in control, one must be human, and must have been conditioned by a previous human being or beings, then all who are in control are conditioned creatures. In order to control someone, one must know how to control. Most humans learn by experience. There is nothing like experience. One can be the best doctor on paper, but does that mean he can perform under pressure? Only experience will tell you the answer to this question. Since we learn from experience, we were conditioned to act a certain way, and we therefore are conditioned in order to be in control.

Some humans are controlled by their environment. Sometimes it is where we come from, rather than whom we know, that controls us. For instance, in different societies, different people tend to act in different ways. Although the basics are the same, no society on earth allows ones to freely kill others. However, there are some countries where drug use and prostitution are legal, and these differences tend to shape one's character. I don't that humans are completely controlled by their environment, but they are influenced dramatically by it. We are also affected by our culture in a great way. Some cultures regard animals very highly. Some regard holidays as the holiest thing in life. Most have different views on life and death, and this influences humans greatly.

Some who are affected by their culture are controlled by their environment. Some people who are controlled by where they come from in a great way are also influenced by their culture. One is more likely to be more cultured (in their own culture) when they are in an environment where everyone around them is of the same background or culture. Those who are influence by their culture are very complicated people. Cultures take centuries to develop, and are thus very complicated. Since some cultured people are influenced by their environment, complicated people are therefore controlled by their environment.

Some complicated people are both good and bad. There are people out there who do not like the fact that they are conditioned to behave in a certain way. They want to be rebels and flip the "system" upside-down. This is typical, however. Most humans would rather be in control then be controlled. What makes people good or bad is their ability to follow their conditioning. Most people aren't conditioned to murder and rape from birth, so it is our ability to follow what we have been taught ad do what's right that makes us good or bad.

In a classroom environment, people are taught more that just math or science. There is something else being taught. This is control. Starting in kindergarten,...
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