We Can Shape Our Future

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Automobile, Electric vehicle Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Jessica Fernandez Rivero


Nowadays, we live in a world of 7billion people that want or will want a good life style in which they could be much related with new technologies. These new life style, involves new technologies are very helpful but also polluting our environment. The innovation and obviously the people who are concerned about environment now are helping us to find more and more ways of improving our lives and the lives of the next generations. The question here is how we will reach this stability and still be eco-friendly. As transportation is one of the most basic things in our lives, in the last years many products such as cars were developed to be more eco-friendly and less gasoline dependent. So, we should consider the idea of getting an electric car because they are one of the most important ways to reduce motoring costs, reduce carbon use in transport, improve air quality and reduce global warming.

Electric cars can produce much lower emissions than burning fuel in mobile engines. The differences between an electric car and a normal one are that they reflect the different design and utility targets for the vehicles. If all vehicles in America were hybrids for example US imports of oil would fall by 8 million barrels a day or by 80% of daily consumption. For example some years ago people preferred a big car which consumes a lot of gasoline, now some preferences and life styles have changed. People want to be eco-friendly and they concern more of environment and of course their economy.

The maintenance of electric cars is also much easier to handle. In a electric car there are less moving parts and fewer things that can go wrong. The maintenance of an electric car is less expensive and one it can be done by the owner because it is much simpler. Another advantage of battery-power is that the technologies in these vehicles have come a long way. Although you cannot...
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