We Bought A Zoo

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In the breathtaking movie We Bought a Zoo, directed by Cameron Crowe, Benjamin Mee believes that he can find the solution for everything even though his wife died. In the beginning, Benjamin quits his job and he looks for a different house to live in because he wants to start a new life with his kids so they can try to move on from his wife’s death. Benjamin buys a zoo, but his son Dylan doesn’t like the zoo and he wants to go back to their original house, school, and friends. After living in a zoo for some weeks, Dylan still doesn’t like the zoo and he wants to go back. Dylan said, “ I can't stand it here! Look, can't you see that?”(Crowe, xx) Rosie, Dylan’s sister, loves the zoo even though her brother doesn’t want to live there. Benjamin is trying to make Dylan happy so he shows him thrilling things about the zoo, but this still doesn’t change Dylan’s mind. Later, Benjamin rebuilds the zoo and he tries to get Dylan to help …show more content…
Do something! You just sit here and feel sorry for yourself, man! Help me with your sister! Help me, damn it!”(Crowe, xx) After Dylan heard this , he showed Benjamin his real feelings and told him,“Help me, damn it! Help me!”(Crowe, xx) After their argument, Dylan started to help rebuild the zoo with his dad. Then Dylan and Benjamin started to express their feelings to each other and connect more. In the end, Benjamin opened up a brand new zoo and he started showing his feelings towards Kelly. He said, “ I want you to know, I think you're incredibly pretty. Please don't take offense if I don't hit on you.”(Crowe, xx) Benjamin and Kelly start to form a relationship while Dylan apologizes to Lily about the way he treated her. Dylan likes the zoo now and he is now forming a relationship with Lily just like Dylan and Kelly. Benjamin Mee goes through life trying to find the solution for every problem he can find… however, he learns that not all problems can be fixed and that life is still good with

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