we are not sub species

Topics: Adolescence, Meaning of life, Young adult Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: December 11, 2013
Candidates name: Ahlam Abdisalam
Candidate number: 0004
Topic: We are not sub species
Question: “Teenagers deserve more respect than what they are given”, Write an article expressing your views on the above statement? Date: 3/12/2013
Deference to teenagers
The meaning of the word “teenager” is losing its touch with stereotypical judgments made by adults mostly. The word “teenager” can be defined as someone who is in the ages thirteen to nineteen, not for someone to be going under any emotional traumas or identity crisis. By this hackneyed statement, teenagers feel as if they are “sub species” when they are just on the step to adult hood I am appalled by the mentality of some that teenagers are all the same, wild people, if true then I guess it’s safe to say that adults are the same too? I’m committed to making teenagers feel good about themselves and not that they are all alike, giving them a reason to do awful things. As the president of a local youth club, I feel it’s my duty. I consent completely with Lois McNay, the writer of the article Sub Species, a truthful piece of writing in my view, which gives justice to teens. At the beginning of her piece she divulges that she doesn’t seem to be undergoing any emotional traumas or identity crisis and that she might be letting somebody down. Here she is mocking those who stereotype teenagers to be depressing humans. Putting a label on all teenagers to having identity crisis or emotional traumas is meaningless. There is no evidence confirming this As a matter of fact it seems that adults derive most of their knowledge of teenagers from social media that portray spoilt teenagers, thus they end up confusing fiction with nonfiction. Even supposing that people have identity crisis it doesn’t always concern adolescents’, it includes adults too. Also emotional traumas are made by children to so why are they always restricting the problems to teens only? Most judgments made by adults concerning teens are dominated by...
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