Ways to Manage Time

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Ways to Manage Time
Kelly Allen
University of Phoenix
Allen Mueller
August 27, 2013

Ways to Manage Time
We plan, try, and have intentions to keep up with daily tasks and maintain time. Although we tend to lose track of time and fail to manage our time wisely. We can incorporate ways to manage time and utilize our skills in time management. There are ways to set a schedule do things in a way that would help utilize your time rather than waste time. When trying to find ways to use your time wisely and make sure that all your things are done, you could incorporate a schedule, even use a calendar to set certain times and days that you can schedule things so that you are not overwhelmed. When thinking about how to make time throughout your day, make a list of things that need to be done and things that are least important finish the most important things first then guide the least important in when you are complete with the things that are of most importance. Now to change the ways your time is used you must simply first begin with your behavior. You can keep track of time and try to change but if you do not try to fix things that keep you off track then it does not do any good to try to manage your time. In order to make ways to use an effective system to manage time then you would have to change things you do that waste time throughout the day. Furthermore, a problem that most people run into is having too many things to do at one time. When you attempt to do more than you can accomplish or have time for it tend to frustrate you and cause you to become stressed. In order to change this you may have to set a schedule for yourself, make a list that allows you to do certain things on certain days. This way you are not overwhelmed. However there are certain things you cannot add to your list and they are unexpected things, interruptions, unplanned projects, time that someone interrupts, time...

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