Ways to Help Stop Global Warming

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How Can We Stop Global Warming

A major concern for the world, global warming is getting worse by the day. Many people are left wondering how can we stop global warming from getting worse, when the eminent authorities are not able to do anything? If you are concerned about the planet, here are some solutions to stop global warming which you can implement at the grass root level.

How Can We Stop Global Warming
Global warming is an environmental hazard, typically characterized by rising average temperature of planet Earth, owing to natural as well as anthropogenic causes. The issue of global warming seems to be quite intricate, and as two groups of scientists - one stressing on the fact that global warming is occurring and the other claiming that global warming is a hoax, find themselves at loggerheads, the common man is left wondering how can we stop global warming from getting worse in a bid to prevent a certain disaster.

Simple Solutions to Stop Global Warming

Keeping problems for tomorrow doesn't really help in solving them, but does worsen them. Same is the case with global warming. By the time the scientists come up with a concrete statement whether global warming is happening or not, the effects of global warming on Earth are bound to engulf the planet. If you are one of those people trying to figure out how can we stop global warming as a desperate measure to save our planet, the information given below will show you several simple yet efficient ways to prevent global warming or at least minimize its ill-effects.

1.Use Environment Friendly Electrical Appliances

You can replace electrical appliances like your refrigerator, which emits greenhouse gases with environment friendly appliances. In fact, replacing a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb, popularly referred to as CFL, can help in saving 60 percent energy and avoid the release of 300 lbs of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere each year.

2.Reduce the...
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