Ways to Avoid Snatch Theft

Topics: Theft, Robbery, Road Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Snatch theft is one of the social crime that happened in our country . They normally attacked women cause them are so weak to protect themselves . The snatch thieves usually operate in the dark and deserted roads or lanes and they also use vehicles such as cars or motorcycles . The authorities had list another ways to prevent the snatch theft . Firstly , one of the ways to avoid from being a snatch theft victim is be alert what’s happening around you , suspect every oncoming motorcyclist whether from behind or front to be a snatch- theft. It is better safe than sorry . For girls , be extra cautious with whatever you are carrying . Males are known to be victims too so don’t let your guard down . Then , you must always walk facing oncoming traffic . A snatch thief will usually come from behind you when you are not looking . Secondly ,when dining at a hotel , restaurents or any eatery , do not leave your handbag or laptop on the table or hanging on the side of a chair . If you are going on the buffet table , make sure someone is looking after your things otherwise take them with you . Do not assume that all other customers are honorable . Futhermore , do not attract attention by wearing expensive jewellery . After that , never keep all your cash in one place . That way , if you lose your wallet or handbag , you will still have a money in your pocket . Lastly , you must avoid to walk alone . If you are venturing out somewhere unknown, go in a group . There is safety in numbers . Morever, try to avoid answer your mobile phone while walking . If you have to take a walk in a prime snatch thief area , do not carry too much stuff . Where you are walking to , try to walk off the main road and onto walk paths .
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