Ways of Thinking

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Three ways of thinking

There are three ways of thinking emphasised in this article: connective thinking, critical thinking and personal thinking.All this three ways are very important for students when they are studying and practicing in their work and life.The author argues that they are simply different ways of thinking about thinking that help us frame, describe, and understand the nature of executive reflective practice, not segmented cognitive activities.For my understanding, it is apparent that every thinking way has its own unique and positive effect and function to help us study the truth of the world, we should use them frequently all over reflective practice.

Undeniably, connective thinking is helpful in reflective practice.The whole world is a large system and It is widely acknowledged that everything is connected.If we want to find out the connotation of something new and make them available for human beings, the first step is looking for the connection among them.When the key connections are grasped, creative solutions for many complicated problems would be generated as well. Complicated

In addition, critical thinking helps to check our current mental model and even transform it.Mental models are important to the improvement of the repertoire of experiences used in reflective practice.We are usually used to admitting what we ever received and do not confirm whether it is true or not.It is not responsible and usually leads us to the wrong way in reflective practice.There are a sea of sources on the web, some are correct while some are not.As a consequence,we should not only accept what the sources tell us, but also come up with several critical questions.For example, is the perspective logical?What evidence is provided?Is the conclusion justified?These are all very significant for us to understand more deeply.Moreover. critical thinking can help us to leave away from partial, distorted and uninformed thinking.

Finally,the most important...
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