Ways of the World

Topics: Thought, Religion, Argumentative Pages: 1 (419 words) Published: February 24, 2013
I have thought a lot lately about my life and have made some realizations. I believe that I fall in the middle of the scale. I believe a lot in science being a major in biology; however I have faith that there is a higher being. Evolution is a key point in the argument between scientists and Christians. I am a very visual person and to me I can see how carbon dating works, and I can see how vestigial structures are extremely similar between whales, cats, bats, and humans. Christians really do not have a response for that argument. Their only defense is “God put that there as a test, to test our faith.” But like I have heard many times before, science cannot explain everything. Morality is a main argument for the side of the Christians, and I can plainly see where they come from. If people are simply a sac of proteins, fats, lipids, and nucleic acids then how can people feel so many emotions? Science has no answer for that question; therefore, science cannot be the only way. Another reason I lean towards Christianity is life after death. I am afraid of what would happen to my soul if there is not a God, or a heaven. If a science point of view was used what would happen to our bodies? We would just lie around in the ground and cease to exist? To me there are too many plausible arguments on both sides to believe one or the other, and that’s why I have such a hard time deciding my faith. I want to have faith in God but it really hard for me to put my whole heart there beyond a shadow of a doubt. On another note, creation really is not that important to me. It does not matter how the earth was started, the important thing is that we are all here now. And more importantly I have family, friends, and am getting an education. I don’t think people should have points of view pushed on them, I believe every individual should have every view point displayed to them. After they have taken some time to explore each idea, they will be given the choice to decide his or her...
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