Ways of Boring People

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Business English
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A. List some of your favourite brands. Then answer these questions.

1. Are they International or national brands?
2. What image and qualities does each one have? Use the following words and phrases to help you. [pic]

3. Why do people buy brands?
4. Why do you think some people dislikes brands?
5. How loyal are you to the brands you have chosen?
For example, when you buy jean, do you always buy Levi’s

B. A recent survey named the brands below as the world’s top ten. Which do you think is number one? Rank the others in order.

Brand Management
A. Match these word partnerships to their meanings.

|B |1. Loyalty |a. the name given to a product by the company that makes it. | |R | | | |A | | | |N | | | |D | | | | | | | |PRODUCT | | | | |2. Image |b. using an existing name on another type of product | | |3. stretching |c. the ideas and beliefs people have about a brand | | |4. awareness |d. the tendency to always buy a particular brand | | |5. name |e. how familiar people are with a brand | | |6. launch |f. the set of products made by a company | | |7. lifecycle |g. the use of a well-known person to advertise products | | |8. range |h. When products are used in films or TV programs | | |9. placement |i. The introduction of a product to the market | | |10. endorsement |j. the length of time people continue to buy a product |

B. Complete these sentences with word partnerships from exercise A

1. the creation of Virgin Cola, Virgin Air, Virgin Rail and Virgin bride is an example of …brand streching………. 2. Consumers who always buy Levi’s when they need a new pair of jeans are showing ………… 3. not enough people recognize our logo; we need to spent a lot more on raising …………….


1. David Beckham advertising Vodafone is an example of …product endorsement…… 2. A …………….. consists of introduction, growth , maturity and decline. 3. the use of BMW cars and Nokia phones in James Bond films are examples of………….

C. Make sentences of your own using the word partnerships in Exercise A.

Outsourcing Production

A. Why do some companies make luxury products abroad rather than at home? B. Read the article and answer these questions.
1. Which brands are mentioned? Do you know which country each is from? 2. Which companies make all of their products in their own country?

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