Wayne Gretzky: a Class Act

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"Wayne Gretzky: A Class Act" is an example of an essay which follows the format outlined on your Essay Planning Sheet and in the instructions on how to write an essay. As you read this essay, look for the thesis statement, the important supporting ideas/topic sentences, and the details that develop those ideas. Notice the way the authors have, among other detailed evidence, cited scoring records and awards won by Gretzky, all of which support the thesis that Wayne Gretzky is a hero who commands attention and respect. Note, also, how the language varies when the same ideas are expressed in the introduction, in the topic sentences, and again in the conclusion. Wayne Gretzky: A Class Act

Sir John A. McDonald, Louis Riel, Drs. Banting and Best, Terry Fox, Pierre Trudeau, Sandra Schmirler, Katriona LeMay Doan, Karen Kain, and Margaret Atwood -- the list of Canadian heroes goes on and on. In the last century, a Canadian hero emerged who some might say still tops the list. That's right, Mr. Hockey, Wayne Gretzky. If he wasn't shattering N.H.L records, the humble Mr. Gretzky repeatedly amazed his fans with his display of hockey genius. Although retired from hockey, Wayne Gretzky continues to intrigue us as he not only arouses our attention but also commands our respect. Since he joined the National Hockey League., Gretzky literally shattered existing scoring records. He owns or shares sixty-one regular season and playoff N.H.L. scoring records. Three of his most triumphant occurred when he was a member of the Edmonton Oilers. In 1981-1982, he eclipsed the single season record for goals. The old mark was seventy-six, set by Phil Esposito. Gretzky's new mark rocketed to ninety-two by the end of the 1981-1982 season (Braver, 2002, p. 79). Gretzky also owns the mark for the most assists in one campaign. This mark is an astounding 163, a record which he set during the 1985-1986 season (Eviston, 2001). It was also during this season that Gretzky set...

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