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Workshop Overview

•  Welcome & Introductions •  Course Overview- resources, expectations & contacts •  Assessment Requirements •  First Unit- Manage Human Resource Services

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Get to know each other! Draw a picture of an animal that symbolises your personality! Each person will have the opportunity to discuss this with your partner then your partner will introduce you to the group.

Course Overview
•  •  •  •  •  •  •  11 Units Prescribed Text Recommended Texts Customised Training Contacts Student Contacts Course wiki & discussion board Competency Based Assessment

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BSB51004 Diploma of Human Resources

BSBHRM501A – Manage Human Resource Services
Dwyer & Hopwood 2010, Ch 15 Jones 2010, Ch 1-4

This unit is about being able to oversee and deliver human resource services: 1.  Determine strategies for delivery of human resource services 2.  Manage the delivery of human resource services 3.  Evaluate human resource service delivery 4.  Manage integration of business ethics into human resource practices Page 5

Effective HR planning allows you to ensure that you are filling your business with the right sort of people who are happy and healthy in their jobs. This in turn assists your organisation in becoming more productive and ultimately more profotable

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Human Resource Management?
The Human Resource Management (HRM) process consists of the activities necessary for staffing the organisation and sustaining high employee performance. HRM deals with issues such as: •  Workforce planning •  Recruitment •  Employee Relations •  Organisational Development •  Remuneration •  What else can you think of? Page 7

HRM Objectives
Three (3) core elements needed for organisations to function effectively:1.  Mission, Vision and strategy 2.  Organisational Structure 3.  Human resource management

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For interactive discussion

What is your organisations vision and mission statements? Do you have a clearly defined organisational structure in place? Is it covered during the induction process? Do you have a HR team? If so, how accessible are they? If not, who is responsible for HR services in your organisation?

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Section 1: Determine strategies for delivery of HR services

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Strategic & Business Plans & HR Service
•  Need to consider the big picture! •  Core decisions need to reflect basic competitive strategy (as well as policies) •  A strategic approach to HRM is underpinned by the •  Development of strategic objectives and targets for HR services- that are in alignment •  Creation of a HR policies and a strategic HR plan •  Implementation of the HR policies and plan across the organisation Page 11

Mission & Vision
• What is our purpose?

Strategic Plan
• What do we need to do to fulfil our purpose?

Operational Plan
• What activities do we need to do to achieve our major goals

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Tale of two strategies
An expanding business: •  Development of a culture that encourages employee involvement •  Performance based pay with incentives •  Extensive training and development •  Job flexibility and adaptability- cope with changing environment

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Tale of two strategies
A cost reduction strategy •  Minimal employee participation •  Little or now training opportunities •  Limited job security •  Short term outcomes focussed on performance appraisals •  Fixed renumeration •  Well defined job descriptions

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Identifying HR needs

•  Consultation with managers, employees and teams is important in working out what the HR requirements are for the business •  360 Consultation •  Facilitation not inspection or enforcement

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HR Service Delivery Options
•  Who is going to look after all this HR stuff? •  What are our options? – Line Managers alone? – Line Managers with some HR support (a traditional model)? – Generalists at each location? – External consultants for small projects or tasks...
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