Way of Seeing

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“Seeing come before words”, the famous phrase said by John Berger, a famous philosopher and an art critics in one of his well-known book “Way of seeing”. Berger intention by writing this book was to help people “start a process of questioning” on the way people see things in general through art; on how what we learn, what our culture teaches us affect the way we see images that surround us. Even though art and writing have some similarity, if one comes before another, it will alter the way they affect each other. A painter is defined by people through their way of looking at their art piece because they express their ideas by art. A writer is being judge through their use of words because they express themselves by words. Display art is the same as frame a question in writing. Writing an academic paper is the same as reproduction of art because in academic writing, you are talking the author ideas and make it your own, however, in the process of transforming it into your own text, the original meaning of the ideas you borrow from the author multiplies into many ideas. However, no matter if you reading a book or looking at a painting, there is always will be some confusion left in them. It is necessary to be left confused to understand the work of art or as Berger refer to –Mystification. In this essay, I will prove the differences if one come before another—word and seeing—and explicitly explaining those differences through the piece of art that I have chosen.

My first reaction when I look at this painting was striking but silence, still and mystify. In this painting, there is a person who pointing his finger toward a weird looking animal—demon. This greenish demon has a devil wings, a big fang in his mouth, looks like a vampire. He has the horn of the fully develop deer. His weird pointy looking nose make him looks like one of those people whom afraid of going outside. His ear, which locate on top of his head, big and listening to everything that’s happening around this small street. He has the human body shape, however a bit skinny and pale. The spine run down the back of his back appears to be almost outside of his skin because of how skinny he is. Here is the weirdest thing; he has a face on his tiny little butt. It appear to be a normal face with two eyes and a mouth. There is a small fang teeth appear out of his mouth. His pastel legs are seem to about to break because maybe he doesn’t have enough food to eat for many days. This weird looking demon seems like he is helping the person holding the book by his puny tiny little hands. I think he is blessing the demon because he looks like a priest. However, the priest is the opposite of this naked demon. He is seemed to be a wealthy guy, have enough food to eat every day. He is wearing a fancy cloak that only belongs to the noble. On his right hand, he is gesturing at the demon and in his left hand, he is holding a staff. The head of his staff unlike any others staff, it curves in and there are leaves grow out of it. The book that the demon is holding looks like the bible. However, unlike any bible that we can see and buy everywhere, this one seem to be the only one that exist because there is a lock and key in order to open it. They seem to stand on a street in Italy. The houses seem to look like normal houses, however, if we look closely. Only the first house on the left and a tiny window on the right is the same color of the demon and the rest of the houses in that street have the same color as the color of the priest. Far behind the priest and the demons are normal citizens. They seem to do their own things and not pay any attention toward this demon. It is human nature to look at something that seems weird to them, but it doesn’t seem like these people care about that demon at all. I wonder if it is because they see the demon every day, or they entrust the priest could control this demon. The man wearing a black coat on the bridge is flirting with the lady wearing...
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