Watson Theory of Caring

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Theory provides professional independence by guiding the practice, education, and research functions of the profession. The study of theory helps to develop analytical skills, challenge thinking, clarify values, and assumptions, and determine purposes for nursing practice, education, and research (Reed, Shearer, and Nicoll, 2004). According to Reed, Shearer, & Nicoll (2004) Jean Watson presents the most current nursing theories. She is the only nursing theorist to support the concept of soul and to emphasize the spiritual dimension of human existence (p. 310). According Suliman, Welmann, Omer, and Thomas (2009) Jean Watson theory addresses caring relationships among people and the deep experiences of life itself. Background and Major Concepts of the Theory

According to Alligood (2010) “Watson’s theory of caring can be traced back 30 years from its earliest beginnings as a textbook for nursing curriculum to a transformation of the health care system by bringing new meaning to the world of nursing and patient care. The relationship of human caring and nursing laid the foundation for what was to become the theory of human caring” (p. 111). Jean Watson bases her theory for nursing practice on 10 care factors. Each has a forceful phenomenological component relative to the individuals involved in the relationship as encompassed by nursing. The first three care factors serve as the foundation for the science of nursing (Watson, 2011). Jean Watson Care factors are •Formation of a humanistic-altruistic of values, which is the satisfaction through giving and extension of the sense of self (Watson, 2011). This means to be intentionally present with the patient and to focus on what is going on in the present; making the patient feel that he or she matters. •Instillation of faith and hope, which is the promotion of holistic nursing care and positive health within the patient population. The nurse’s role is to develop an effective nurse patient interrelationship and promote wellness by helping the patient to adopt health-seeking behavior (Watson, 2011). •Cultivation of sensitivity to self and others, in other words as the nurse acknowledge his or her sensitivity and feelings, he or she becomes more genuine, authentic, and sensitive to others (Watson, 2011). •Development of a helping-trust relationship, which is crucial for transpersonal caring because this promotes the expression of positive and negative feelings. This involves being real, honest, and authentic with the patient and family (Watson, 2011). Any nurse can be with a patient but a providing a caring relationship, which cultivates healing is a conscious choice for healing to occur •Promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings •Promotion of interpersonal teaching-learning; this allows the patient to be informed and shifts the responsibility for wellness and health to the patient •Provision for supportive, protective, and corrective mental, physical, sociocultural, and spiritual environment. The nurse should recognize what effects the internal and external environments have on health and illness of the patient (Watson, 2011). •Assistance with gratification of human needs through intentional caring and assisting patient with basic needs •Allowance for existential phenomenological spiritual forces; Jean Watson believes that the nurse have the responsibility to go beyond the care factors in dealing with one’s own life and death so that he or she can deal with the patient that is cared for. Nurse and Patient Interaction

Transpersonal caring can be read about, but to truly understand it a person has to experience it personally, interact, and grow within this intentional experience. I worked in the intensive care unit, and it was my turn to receive the next admission. In walked a tall very handsome 34-year-old young man. He has a wife and twin daughters. He worked as a Wayne County Sheriff. He was admitted with diagnosis of cancer of the...
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