Waterway Industries

Topics: Incentive, Management, Motivation Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: June 14, 2009
It goes without saying that Jack and I have the utmost respect for you, and as I reminisce on the past ten (10) years, I recall that we were just interns, making a stop on our path to our intended careers. Consequently Waterway Industries became that path and has afforded us wonderful careers. Our enormous contributions to the growth and subsequent market share of Waterway have, much like you, caused us to become key players within the company. In keeping with the respect mentioned above, and so as not have you blind sighted, Jack and I hereby inform you that we are currently entertaining a very lucrative offer from a rival company. This should come as no surprise, relevant to previous futile dialogue concerning our request for a share of company profits. We ask that you consider the following before rendering your final decision. We are of the belief that Waterways' compensation system is not in tandem with the strategic objective set forth. Managers and Shopfloor associates alike, placed a great value on their once possessed ability to complete work ahead of schedule, so as to occasionally enjoy the very products they make. However with the company's adoption of a more aggressive growth strategy combine with the initiative for continued product innovation, that value has been replaced by increased workloads and a faster paced environment. Compensation affects employees' attitudes and work behaviors and subsequently the success of the organization. Internal consistency or Internal equity which refers to the relationship between the pay structure and the design of the organization and the work, needs to be adjusted so that it focuses attention on the importance of designing a pay structure that supports the workflow, is fair to employees, and directs their behaviors toward organization objects. If this were true, we would not have lost three of our best workers to the new automotive parts plan. To reiterate, modify Waterways' payment system such that it...
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