Watermelon Seeds

Topics: English-language films, The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, Jack and the Beanstalk Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Ying Zhang December 23, 2012
School 27 7-Gallo-A
“A Fantastic Day”
"Ah. Time to get up and water my garden." I stretched and hurried off to water my garden, as usual. "Splash." I picked up the hose and watered every corner making sure all of my precious plants receive their nutrients. I walked over to my watermelons, and then knocked on one and it was hallowed. This meant that it was ripe enough to eat. I cut off the stem and carry the watermelon over to the porch. I took the knife and sliced the rip watermelon in half. The inside was as red as blood and juice was leaking as I tried to evenly divide the watermelon to equal slices. I took one and started eating. "Crunch." I chomped down on my fresh grown watermelon. Sweet savory juice ran down my chin as I scramble for a tissue to wipe it away. Something caught my eye, a seed form the watermelon was glistening like gold. I dug the seed out and held it in my palm studying it. "Wow. How did these get here? Oh well. 'Finders keepers' loser leapers.'" I sang happily then dug a small hole and gently put the seeds down. I thought back of my many years starting a garden as I waited every day for it to grow. "Sleep tight," I whispered to my newly planted "watermelon" seeds as i watered them," I will await for your appearance. The next morning, I heard a low rumble and hurried to my garden. My so-called watermelon seed was rising hundreds of feet off the ground and, it turns out that I planted a giant beanstalk. "No way! A giant beanstalk!" I exclaimed. I couldn't believe my eye. Could this be the beanstalk from "Jack and the Beanstalk?" I knew what it meant right away, at the very top was treasures. Golden eggs, golden harp, everlasting food, and all I had to do were go up there and I will live in riches. Happy thoughts ran through my mind as I jumped with joy like a kid on Christmas day. "Wait a second. In the story...
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