Waterborne Diseases and Bacteria in Tap Water

Topics: Bacteria, Organism, Water Pages: 3 (614 words) Published: August 7, 2011
Chapter 1


Waterborne diseases are defined as one of the most dangerous diseases that can be found on flowing water. These diseases are very harmful not only to our digestive system but also to all of the parts of our body. These diseases can kill many people that are drinking water on the tap water and mostly on the drinking fountain; people might drink on a drinking fountain which is dirty because of the different people that are drinking and spiting their saliva on to it, bacteria can easily contaminate the water that is coming out from the drinking fountain. Bacteria’s are also found everywhere in the surroundings; even the sink in our home might have bacteria’s because of the dirty place, and in the school also have bacteria’s that spread around the campus because of the students don’t know how to make the surrounding clean and they always spit their saliva and other foods on the drinking that cause of the contamination of the water.

Much research still has to be done and explored on the waterborne diseases and different bacteria that can be found on the drinking fountain of ATENEO DE DAVAO HIGH SCHOOL campus and on the faucets near the BANKEROHAN RIVER, hence this study.


This topic investigates what is the importance of knowing the different kinds of bacteria on the tap water near Bankerohan River and at the drinking fountains at ADDU high school. The community, especially the people living near Bankerohan River, will benefit from this experiment. It would tell them what diseases they could get out of that water.


Bacteria are the living organisms that needed to investigate at the faucets near Bankerohan River and the drinking fountains at ADDU high school. These are the things that needed to investigate to now what bacteria are present in every types of water. This topic will be limited and will not go beyond and will tackling...
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